We have all been there. The Boss From Hell. But, are they truly toxic or are they simply tough


Let's find out.


Do you work with a Corporate Yes Person?

Or a Credit Thief?

Perhaps a Misogynist?

Or Worse, a Bully? 

You're not alone. 

According to Gallup, "half of employees leave their jobs to get away from a bad manager and 41% of American workers say they’ve been “psychologically harassed” on the job.

Working for a toxic boss can, in fact, be extremely stressful and has been proven to lead to many types of health problems.

On the flip side, working for a tough boss pushes hard for results and can even be described as "intense", but they garner respect. 

Which one do you have? 

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Together, we can create strategies that provide relief. 

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Is your boss TOUGH  or TOXIC?

Having a tough boss doesn't mean that they are the right fit for you either. 

What matters is first understanding what you are actually dealing with. If you are truly immersing yourself in a toxic environment or if perhaps it's simply indication of something deeper going on. 

Deeper like: this job no longer lights me up, I am made for more, I desire more, I am living on auto-pilot. 


What do I really need? 

What do I really want?

What am I not willing to live without?

What does a meaningful career look like for me?

That kind of more. 

Take this checklist and use it as a guide for deeper introspection...

Introspection precedes action.

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