The Crucible

From High Pressure

to Transcendence

Teresa Vozza, 
Executive Coach, Former CHRO

Experience a Personal and Professional Transformation

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What If...

In 6 months, you could...
  • Eradicate the symptoms of stress and burnout … and find sweet relief.
  • Gain crystal clear clarity on what you actually want in your career
  • Identify the self-sabotaging behaviours that diminish your success … and your joy
  • Discover how to leverage your unique leadership voice to reduce conflict
  • Become an unapologetic advocate for your wellbeing – without getting fired!
  • Actually start to love your life again vs simply go through the motions
  • Experience a major internal and external transformation
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Is this you?

  • You are a high achieving professional woman at a career crossroads 
  • You are overworked, overcommitted, and overwhelmed
  • You work in a high demand role and don’t see any relief in sight
  • You desire change yet dread the thought of “doing the work”
  • You struggle with putting yourself first and often make excuses 
  • You desire more time, money, and energy in your career
  • You suspect it’s time to make a career change, but feel trapped 
  • You are tired, low energy, burnt out, and far from feeling “alive”
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The Crucible with Teresa Vozza

From High Pressure to Transcendence

Step 1

Identify & Measure

Milestone: Know your stress levels
What is in this step: In this step we will identify your top stressors and the effects it has on your physiology and on your career / life. We will review current management strategies and start the plan. 

Step 2

Design & Align

Milestone: Create a plan of action
What is In this step: we will get clear on 1 personal and 1 professional goal. Map out the circumstances that are the biggest triggers and causing the most pain

Step 3

Understand & Practise

Milestone: Learn the difference between renewal vs depletion. You will also learn the fundamentals of behaviour change and how to make it work for you
What is in this step: Neuroscience Tools and Strategies for lasting change

Step 4

Break The Pattern

Milestone: Eradicate your most troublesome self-defeating behaviour or habit
What is in this step: We will actively work on replacing 1-2 non productive actions or behaviours for at least 30 days and see substantial change and improvement 

Step 5

Path to Freedom 

Milestone: Clear improvement in stress level measurements
What is in this step: In this step, we will take the stress and wellbeing test once again to measure improvement levels and adjust as necessary;

Step 6

The Way Forward

Milestone: Clarity. You will walk away with a clear path forward armed with new skills. This is where 2 decisions unfold: to stay in your current career or to move forward in a new direction.
Transition Plan and Personal Contract created at this stage.

What’s The Time Commitment?

  • Curriculum: 6 months
  • 1X week 90 minute teach + hot seat coaching
  • Online curriculum + Handbook
  • Voxer & Text Support 9-5pm EST
  • Robust Questions & Answers Sessions
  • Free access to Teresa’s trainings throughout the year
  • New! Private Podcast
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Karen Broad
VP, Human Resources

Teresa is an outstanding leadership coach! On several occasions, she has pushed me to uncover the root causes of my career angst and unearth limiting beliefs, ultimately leading me to take inspired action and show up as the executive professional that I am.
Teresa is one of the best.

Shannon Filice
Senior Director, PMO

Teresa has become an invaluable strategic partner in my professional life. Her
coaching has helped me achieve - in less than 4 months - what I have been aspiring to for the past 4 years. moments. Teresa’s coaching helped me to clearly articulate my career goals, my value
proposition AND to see myself as the confident leader that everyone else sees. With Teresa by my side, I feel unstoppable.

Jennifer Wright
Executive Director, Communications

With Teresa’s guidance, I have been able to improve my skills as a leader, become a better mother and wife, and show up every day as the woman I want to be. I've made an even bigger impact in my professional life, and I'm taking more vacation time than ever before.

Hi, I’m Teresa.

I am an Executive Coach for self-described high achieving women in corporate. My background is as a Chief HR Officer, with over 20 years leading in both local and global organizations. I am all too familiar with fast paced, constantly changing and highly political corporate cultures.
So, I get it.
I am on a mission to eradicate burnout and help corporate women reclaim their time, energy, and ambition.
I am a passionate advocate for heart-centred and conscious leadership.
Leadership that is human-focused, inclusive, compassionate, and desperately longed for.
My promise to you is we will work together to end the stress cycle and uncover your true career ambition.
Whether your ambition is to reduce stress, get promoted, earn more money, lead differently, or simply get clear on what you want, The Crucible will help get you there.
Schedule a call to see if we are the right fit to work together. 

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