Is there such a thing as a healthy hustle?

Does self-care always come at the expense of ambition? 

Why are boundaries not always the answer? 

Find out the Real Deal truth about Hustle Culture.

Find out how Leading With Facts, Fairness, and Fortitude is the ultimate power move against burnout and overwork.

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Raise your hand if you’re burnt out from talking about burnout?


I have read at least 3-4 Harvard Business Review articles on stress and burnout - and yet, we have a major mental health crisis on our hands which is not getting any better. We are facing a constant struggle between hustle culture and the self-care “be kind to yourself”albeit well-intentioned movement. Society portrays the two desires - hard work and hustle - as though they can’t co-exist. If you are working late hours, then you must not be taking care of yourself. If you are clocking out right at 5pm, then you must not be working as hard as the others - and kiss goodbye to that promotion. 

Admit it – who hasn’t asked “what does he actually DO all day?”

Why do we go off on these tangents? What even is hard work? How many times have you judged someone else for how hard they work? Or been judged yourself?

The notion of eat, sleep, hustle, repeat that we see imprinted on almost every mug at Homesense is an outdated, useless, and unhelpful model for leaders in the workplace to follow.

In this special micro-course, for a commitment of 20 minutes each day, (and well worth it!) we are going to unravel the Hustle Paradox. We are going to take a deep dive into the facts about hustle vs hard work, we are going to discuss why boundaries are often ineffective and we are going to embrace our inner fortitude in an intention-fuelled way.

Because, as a Leader, you are ready to: 

  • Challenge outdated belief systems about hustle and hard work.

  • Embrace the truth about self-care and boundaries that make actual sense

  • Take clear, decisive, and meaningful action towards your career aspirations.

  • End the relentless parade of burnout misinformation, shame, and guilt.

  • Stand up for conscious leadership that integrates the personal and professional parts of how we show up at work.

At the end of this micro-course, you will know how to: 

  • Move from a “hustle” to a “hard work” mindset…and actually love it.

  • Make sense of your struggle to moderate or find balance at work.

  • End the internal back and forth dialogue to choose between “taking care of yourself” or answer more emails.

  • Discern between faux self-care and true self-care.

  • Embody a mindset of "sustainable success" that will help you create the career you actually want.

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This Course is for you if:

✨You are a senior leader at a critical inflection point in your career. What am I willing to tolerate?

✨You are always told to slow down but feel trapped by circumstance.

✨You often feel shame or guilt when you are not getting enough done.

✨You are in a constant “cycle of overwork” and the self-care advice you hear about is annoying.

How would your life transform if you could create the mindset that integrates true self care and – YES I SAID IT – hard work.

Video 1: The Hustle Paradox

What is hustle really about? What does it look like in your career? See where hustle is harmful or not in your career (and in your life). You will be taken through an exercise that helps you examine your hustle and hard work habits.

Video 2: What is self care?

Why is it so important now? How do we cultivate and embody true self-care vs #trending self-care into our leadership and our lives? You will learn a centering  practise that helps you uncover what you really need most "in the moment".

Video 3: The Power of Wise Discernment 

Wisdom sees through a smoke screen. You will learn how to integrate facts, fairness, and fortitude in your career. We will close out with a powerful centering exercise that will spark your intuitive knowing that often gets bypassed in favour of logic.

Let's go!

After the microcourse, you will experience:

Less confusion. You will have space for both rest and hard work.
More compassion for yourself and others. True self care.
Much more gentleness and self-trust. This is incredibly powerful.
Full acceptance of who you are and how you lead most effectively
Clarity. You will know what you want more of and move toward it.

Hi, I’m Teresa.

I am an Executive Coach for self-described high achieving women in corporate. My background is as a Chief HR Officer, with over 20 years leading in both local and global organizations. I am all too familiar with fast paced, constantly changing and highly political corporate cultures.

So, I get it.

I am on a mission to eradicate burnout and help corporate women reclaim their time, energy, and ambition.
I am a passionate advocate for heart-centred and conscious leadership.

Leadership that is human-focused, inclusive, compassionate, and desperately longed for.

My promise to you is we will work together to end the stress cycle and uncover your true career ambition.